“Digitalisation as Driver of Innovation and Change in the Financial Sector”

The symposium of the itechx GmbH at the Hilton Frankfurt/Main on 9 November 2018 addressed the topic of digitalisation in the financial sector.

Ulrich Rogmans (Senior Manager, itechx GmbH) welcomed more than 100 delegates and opened the symposium with a placement of digitalisation into the context of client needs and business models.

The introductory expert presentation of Volker Braunberger (Chief Executive Officer, itechx GmbH) illustrated to the delegates any misconceptions that companies may have about digitalisation. He differentiated the topic of digitalisation from automatisation and demonstrated a roadmap outlining possibilities of a structured digital transformation for a business model.

Dr. Stephan Schmidt-Tank (Director Financial Services Business Development, Amazon Web Services) introduced in his impressive presentation advantages and possibilities of cloud technology of Amazon Web Services.

The topic investment research was placed by Marcus Gassmann (Senior Business Expert Capital Markets, Union Investment Institutional GmbH) into the context of digitalisation – in a very exciting presentation on the background of Big Data!

The presentations were concluded by Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner (Director Blockchain Center Germany, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management) with an outlook on blockchain, crypto-currencies and -assets on the financial ecosystem.

The final panel discussion between the presenters and Dr. Christian Schmies (Partner, Hengeler Mueller Partnership of Lawyers) highlighted, among other things, legal aspects related to digital transformations, blockchain and crypto contexts. The delegates dared a glance into the crystal ball to predict possible developments in the next 3-5 years.

For further information about the symposium or about products and services of itechx, please feel free to contact your business partners on xperts@itechx.de and we will be happy to help you.