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Bachelor or Master (m/f/d)

for the Saarbrücken location

We are looking for talents in software development, IT project management and software testing. The professional start with itechx is of course also possible on a part time basis in parallel with university studies. We offer a modern and future-proof position becoming part of an experienced and competent team.

To develop your dissertation for a Bachelor or Master degree, we have listed possible research topics from the area of Computer Sciences for you.

Distributed Log

The traditional log file has served its time. Applications in a business are becoming more and more diverse. Therefore, central services of aggregation and analysis of log and trace events are continuously gaining importance. Millions of events need to be aggregated and analysed centrally without influencing negatively the performance of the individual application. The aim of this paper is to evaluate different solutions to central management of structured logs and traces. Moreover,  adapters for xpass© should be implemented in order to make a link to the evaluated log management tools possible.


  • Research of possible log management tools (SplunkLogglyLogstashGraylogPapertrail or similar)
  • Installation of different log management tools in our virtualisation environment or in a custom Kubernetes cluster
  • Development of adapters to tie in the log management tools into xpass©
  • Formulation of standard queries within the respective log management tool to demonstrate ability to analysis, eg. to search for errors across different applications
  • Documentation

Infrastructure as code

To automatize our own infrastructure, a configuration management with Ansible shall be implemented. The project demonstrates how the automatized provisioning of virtual machines occurs in our Hyper-V-Cluster. Moreover, the automatized installation of software packages and updates shall be conducted with Ansible as well as the automatized configuration of software. Compliance and security aspects will have to be taken particular care of from the outset of this project.


  • Analysis of the existing infrastructure
  • Planning, evaluation and selection of a configuration and orchestration strategy
  • Installation of an Ansible environment in CentOS or RHEL
  • Tie-in of the Ansible environment into existing CI/CD processes (git, Jenkins, Azure DevOps)
  • Realisation of automation in suitable playbooks
  • Documentation

Implementation PostgreSQL Adapter

The product xpass© uses an Oracle-database as a reliable and effective relational storage location. This effectiveness is not always definitely needed for many test or also smaller production environments. For that purpose it would be desirable if our clients could choose between Oracle and PostgreSQL as relational database in the future. Aim of this paper is to implement a new storage adapter for PostgreSQL which supports a feature set compatible with the Oracle storage adapter.


  • Analysis of the existing plugin architecture of storage adapters
  • Definition of the available range of functions with PostgreSQL
  • Design / prototype of a storage adapter for PostgreSQL
  • Implementation of the storage adapter in C#
  • Automatized tests (UnitTests, integration tests) to ensure compatibility with the existing Oracle adapter
  • Documentation

Customization Management Website

Our customers use a multitude of the large configuration and adjustment options within xpass©. Many of the adjustments and individual plugins for our customers are also created by us.

Aim of this paper is to create an ASP.NET Core website to administer the configurations undertaken per customer project. Moreover, implementation of comparative analyses across multiple customer projects will be required. Ideally, the solution should have an API for automatic use of configuration data.


  • Creation of a database save configurations
  • Creation of an ASP.NET Core website for display and administration of the configurations
  • Implementation of an API to query the configurations (eg. to generate code at a later stage)
  • Documentation

Evaluation of Code Template Frameworks

In order to speed up our development processes, itechx uses many of our own code templates (Visual Studio T4, ReSharper Code Templates). The development of these templates is unnecessarily difficult due to a lack of IntelliSense support and a lack of Compiler-Support.

Aim of this paper is to evaluate different template frameworks, show potential improvements, select a suitable framework and integrate it into our development process.


  • Research of possible technologies to generate code (eg. T4ReSharperCodeSmith Generator, Yeoman et al.)
  • Analysis of pros and cons of individual frameworks (eg. availability of IntelliSense, Compiler-Support, Parameterization, simple application)
  • Selection of a suitable technology for itechx
  • Development of exemplary templates and code generators with this framework
  • Documentation


Bachelor or Master (m/f/d)
for the Saarbrücken location

Business Analyst (m/f/d)
for the location Saarbrücken, Frankfurt a.M. or Munich

Testanalyst (m/w/d)
for the Saarbrücken location

Software Engineer (m/f/d)
for the Saarbrücken location

Senior Software Engineer (m/f/d)
for the Saarbrücken location

IT Consultant (m/f/d)
for the Saarbrücken location

Senior Asset Management Consultant (m/f/d)
for the Frankfurt am Main location

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