ECJ Factory – Operational excellence meets sustainable advice

As part of the FS Tax Conference London 2019, WTS Global and itechx presented the well-established collaboration model with regards to the processing of ECJ reclaims.

In our current collaboration we successfully managed to issue thousands of claims for hundreds of funds from 6 European fund domiciles into 14 European countries.

The structured approach ensures that the fund entitlements are presented towards the tax authorities on time. This is prepared by an onboarding project and followed by the data gathering. The analysis of the data and the tax advice is prepared by the tax advisor.

The client needs only to decide if the recommendation should be followed. From that point on, we are again taking the lead and ensure that the entitlements of our clients are presented to the local tax authorities in time and in the correct format with the correct attachments.

The ECJ Factory is a modular service which can also support our clients in the communication with the authorities after the claim was issued. In case of consents, we ensure the allocation towards the fund, in case of a rejection or further requests, wen ensure a proper communication. Our partner provides us with the necessary advice in case legal support is needed.

Allocation of associated cost, a reliable and clear structured governance model completes our service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

itechx An article by Johann Hainzinger